Stack Spotlight - Gwendydd – Yearly Co.
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Stack Spotlight: Gwendydd


Age: 40 years young


1 Delicate Diamond ... for my 15th wedding anniversary

7 Original Bangles

1 Heavyweight Twist ...from my little sister, for my 40th birthday gift

1 Classic Twist 

1 Double Weight Hammered 

2 Custom pieces

1 Birthstone bangle - marquise

Profession: Glass artists... floral designer & the Righteous Stunt Metal office manager, assembly & shipper.

Location: Northern California

My first set was my Delicate Diamond with a original yellow gold bangle

"My bangles represent love, hard work, friendship & happiness... I love these beautiful bangles, gifted from my husband & family. I often find myself taking my wedding rings off for work, assembling my Righteous Stunt Metal “RSC” parts... along with my floral design/gardening & glass blowing. Having my Yearly Co. bangles with me throughout my days, definitely brighten up my world of hard work. The little chimes they make, send me little reminders that life is beautiful on so many levels... even at its hardest times. I’m truly thankful for the beautiful custom work Ann puts into all of her jewelry. My forever growing stack of bangles...symbolize love, hard work & friendship."