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The Yearly Co. sizing kit will help you find your perfect bangle fit. Includes brass bangles representing our standard sizes and a free shipping card.

Sizing Kit


Your sizing kit will arrive within one week after purchase. You will be able to “try before you buy” and experience the lightness and size of a Yearly Co. bangle before you purchase. This is especially important for larger orders and engraved or diamond bangles before we create your final product.

Bangles should fit snugly over your wrist and not slide off easily. 

Questions about sizing? Check out our sizing FAQ blog post for common questions.

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Free shipping on all US orders

Handmade in Nashville, TN

Sizing Kit


Care Instructions

To clean your bangles run them under warm water and scrub lightly using a soft bristled brush and dish soap. If your bangles become dirty or cloudy, wipe clean with the included polishing cloth from your order. All Yearly Co. polishing clothes are treated with a compound that will add shine to your bangle. When the compound is used up, the cloth will become black and should be discarded.

All Yearly Co. pieces can be worn in the shower, in a pool, and even in the ocean.

Read more about wear and care on our blog. Click here >

Size and Fit

Please remember, bangle fit is determined by the measurement around the widest point of your hand, not a wrist measurement.

To find your perfect fit, please order a set of sizing bangles first.

Yearly Co. bangles were made with the intention to be worn all day everyday. An ideal fit would require slight force to get up and over the knuckles but then sit comfortably on the wrist. 

However, we understand that some people like to remove jewelry or wear it only on occasion. Because of this, we encourage clients to consider how frequently they will be wearing their pieces when determining their size. If your bangles will be worn 24/7, we recommend the tighter fit. If you’ll be removing your bangles daily, we suggest a fit that is a bit looser over the knuckles allowing for an easier removal process.


Each item is made to order. Please refer to your items estimated ship date.

For rush production requests, please email

Customer Reviews

Based on 188 reviews

I cannot stress enough how important it is to get a sizing kit prior to buying your bangles online! Take it from someone who had to get her bangles resized TWICE! Thankfully YearlyCo customer service is outstanding and made the process a breeze! You want them snug when putting on. I would also recommend putting on a tighter long sleeve shirt/sweatshirt/jacket to see if they try to come off when removing your arm, that’s when I noticed mine were too big. Check out the the videos on their Instagram page as well to see how they should fit going on, very helpful!

Jesse D.

Sizing Kit

Sizing Kit

The sizing kit arrived at quickly, nicely packaged and with clear instructions. Easy to use and return, and I’m excited to start my stack!

T W.
Sizing Kit

I was able to find my perfect size and I've ordered my first bracelet!

Tanya B.
Great tool

Great idea for an item that has the potential to be a poor fit. Videos are also very helpful. I would have selected a 7.5 but I’m actually a 7.25

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