A Yearly Love Story - Baylee – Yearly Co.
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A Yearly Love Story - Baylee

Laine and I met on New Years Eve 2017 at Texas State University. We started dating shortly after and the rest is history....

As a military couple, the first few years of marriage have looked a little different and brought some unique challenges. We got married in January of 2020, just before the pandemic. Not only were we navigating marriage during unprecedented times, but just a few months after the wedding Laine was sent on a short deployment.

Year 2 and going on 3, he has been stationed across the country for training. It has definitely been tough at times, but distance has a way of putting things into perspective and makes each moment spent together ten times sweeter.

I got my first bangle (The Original) for Christmas in 2021. I got my second just a few weeks later for our second anniversary. I love the meaning behind the bangles - it's so special to have a tangible reminder of him when he's away with the military. Every time I look at my wrist I am reminded of my husband and the love we share - even while physically separated. I love being able to tell the story behind them when people ask- and I can't wait to add memories (and bangles) over the years. I have my eye on The Twist for our upcoming anniversary and The Delicate Diamond for a milestone anniversary in the future!