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Year after year wear

We are often asked how our pieces stand up to everyday wear.

Read on to learn more about what to do with bends or breaks, and why 14k gold is our standard.

"S.O.S - My bangle has bent! Should it do that?"

Some bending is normal and is to be expected if you have a single original bangle or a smaller stack. As you go up in thickness and build your stack, your bangles are less likely to show organic bends and curves.

14k gold is not as soft as pure 24k gold, as it has other metals added to it to increase its strength. 14k gold has some softness and flex so that it can be heated and formed into jewelry and will not be brittle and stiff enough to break where it is joined. Solid 14k gold is a beautiful metal that will hold up to daily wear but it is still possible for it to bend with pressure or develop scratches.

Don’t worry! Bends are not a bad thing, they mean your piece has enough flex to keep it from breaking and they show organic wear over time. Our original bangles and classic twists have the most bend and flex, and as you go up in thickness our bangles will have less bend to them. If you’re opposed to the look of bending, we recommend starting with our decade or double weight bangles which are thicker and sturdier and will not show any bending.

Your bangles are also more likely to catch on things and develop bends if they are too large. One of our most common "mistakes" is ordering too large. Think that might be the case? Purchase a sizing kit to double check that you have the right fit!

"My piece broke and I am NOT rough on them! HELP!"

In a perfect world, jewelry would never break. It is not uncommon for fine jewelry to occasionally require repairs or adjustments over time when worn daily. But with Yearly Co. you don’t need to worry. We will adjust, repair, or remake any pieces that do not hold up to a lifetime of wear.

Did an earring clasp come loose? Did a bangle snap? Did your jewelry get a deep scratch in it? We can fix that! Email us at for a “tune up” or repair.

If you'd prefer not to ship your pieces back and forth, we suggest trying your local jeweler or repair shop. Local jewelers can often help with small repairs, tune ups, and buffing out minor scratches.

If you have any further questions regarding the composition of gold, the gold we use, or the difference in gold colors check out our blog post "All that glitters is not gold! HERE"

We love seeing you wear your beautiful 14k gold pieces each and every day, and want you to thoroughly enjoy your investment. We believe that jewelry should be enjoyed and should stand up to all daily activities. Your accessories should be as strong as your stories. That’s why we choose solid 14k gold as our standard.

As always we are here to answer any questions you may have about our products by email at, by phone at 615-651-0971 or by DM @yearlycompany on Instagram.  

Thanks for reading!