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The Catch Up Pack - Heavy Weight

$1,596.00 Regular price $1,680.00

Our classic round wire bangles discounted in a pack of 3 or more. An easy way to "catch up" on anniversaries and build your stack. Also available in our Original and Double Weight Bangles. 

ColorYellow Gold
Estimated Arrival Date: June 27 - June 29
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Yearly Co. jewelry is made of solid 14k gold and natural diamonds and gemstones. Our pieces have a lifetime repair policy and can be worn 24/7 including in the shower, pool, and ocean.

The Catch Up Pack - Heavy Weight

$1,596.00 Regular price $1,680.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews

I was torn between the Heavyweight and Original stack, but I’m so glad I chose the Heavyweight bangles! I’ll be ordering more in the near future <3

Holly T.

I LOVE THEM so so much

Heather C.
The Catch Up Pack - Heavy Weight

I absolutely love these bangles and the weight is perfect for a first time purchase if you aren’t sure which bangles to buy first!

Lisa B.
Get the Heavyweight If You Can!

The Catch Up Pack is a great deal. And the Heavyweight bangles are wonderful. The weight is nice, I hate to be like Goldilocks, but they are "just right!" Not too heavy for 24/7 wear, but more substantial than the Original. I have several of the Originals, and I have warped them a bit (more from taking them on and off than anything else...) (Hint: if your Originals get a bit out of shape, you can easily pull them back into shape with your fingers, but if they get "warped" then lay them flat on a heavy book and slam another heavy book down on top of it and you can flatten them back out!) I wish I had bought Heavyweights from the start, but live and learn! NOTHING against the Originals, they are wonderful as well and particularly nice if you want to wear a lot of them together or if you have a REALLY slender wrist. It's just that the Heavyweight is just the right weight for me!!!

Sandra C.

Love that I keep adding to my stack! I love wearing these everyday!!