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Sizing Kit


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Yearly Co. bangles are the only bangles made in a wide range of custom sizes to fit your wrist. Take the guesswork out of bangle fit with our convenient sizing kit. Try our full range of bangle sizes in brass to get a feel for how your bangle should fit over your hand. 

Our solid 14k gold bangles are meant to be worn 24/7 so it's important to get the right fit.

If you like to remove jewelry at night or only wear your bangles on occasion, we recommend a fit that is a bit looser over the knuckles allowing for easier removal.

If your bangles will be worn all day every day, we recommend a fit that requires some force to get over the knuckles and sits comfortably on the wrist without the risk of sliding off. 

We do not recommend purchasing our bangles without first using the sizing kit, as other brands and measurements differ from our unique bangle sizes. It is especially important for larger or customized orders that you find your perfect fit before we create your final piece or collection. 

*Your sizing kit will arrive within one week from purchase.

*Bangles should fit snugly over your wrist and not slide off easily. It is okay if the brass sizers bend while pushing them on over the widest part of your hand. 

*When in doubt, size down! Our most common request is to size down as customers become more comfortable with the pressure needed to slide their bangles on. Hand soap or olive oil are safe and easy options to help comfortably slide bangles on your wrist. 

*The brass sizers will bend and flex more than our solid 14k gold bangles. They are the same width as The Original Bangle.

*Questions about sizing? Check out our helpful sizing FAQ blog post for common questions.

Free shipping on all US orders

Sizing Kit


Wear & Care

Yearly Co. jewelry is made of solid 14k gold and natural diamonds and gemstones. Our pieces have a lifetime repair policy and can be worn 24/7 including in the shower, pool, and ocean.

Check out more on our Wear & Care blog!

Customer Reviews

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Thought it was for Rings not bracelets


I cannot stress enough how important it is to get a sizing kit prior to buying your bangles online! Take it from someone who had to get her bangles resized TWICE! Thankfully YearlyCo customer service is outstanding and made the process a breeze! You want them snug when putting on. I would also recommend putting on a tighter long sleeve shirt/sweatshirt/jacket to see if they try to come off when removing your arm, that’s when I noticed mine were too big. Check out the the videos on their Instagram page as well to see how they should fit going on, very helpful!

Jesse D.

Sizing Kit

Sizing Kit

The sizing kit arrived at quickly, nicely packaged and with clear instructions. Easy to use and return, and I’m excited to start my stack!

T W.
Sizing Kit

I was able to find my perfect size and I've ordered my first bracelet!

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