A Yearly Love Story - May – Yearly Co.
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A Yearly Love Story - May


"Loving Life Together"

I moved to Nashville in 1987 from Chicago. I met John upon starting my new job on the management training program at Kroger. Believe it or not I called my mom two days after we met and said "this is going to sound really strange but I think I'm going to marry this John guy".

I was initially attracted to the genuineness, sincerity, and care with which he treated every person he encountered. I'm sure it was NOT love at first sight for him, but it wasn't long before we imagined having a conversation with each other for the rest of our lives.

That has led us on a 32+ year journey of experiences together. Many of those experiences, both exciting and difficult, are represented by my various yearly bangles!

They are a daily reminder of my many blessings.

They encourage me to give back more than I've received.

They remind both me and John to love life every day TOGETHER

I laugh because John and I have been married for 32 years and he always says "it's been 17 of the best years of his life"....gotta love it!