A Yearly Love Story - Cynthia – Yearly Co.
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A Yearly Love Story - Cynthia

My love story stack is small but mighty! I lost my Alan at the end of 2019 after a long hard battle with cancer. I didn’t discover Yearly Co. until 2020 and knew he would’ve jumped right on the stack idea! So my first bangle is a heavy weight morning star representing Alan and who he lives with now. It has 35 notches for our 35 years together. I added a classic when he was gone 1 year and a twisted to represent 2020! I can’t wait to add to my stack this year but it’s very hard to choose what is next. I’m leaning toward a hammered heavy weight because I love the way they sparkle.

Alan and I met in 1984 and got married 6 months later. Momma was right, when you know, you know!

He was smart, a big dreamer and his laughter could fill a room! We quickly grew our family that includes 2 sons who are now commercial salmon fishermen with their own businesses out of Cordova, Alaska! We moved from Kansas to New Hampshire in 1996 and built a business around Alan’s skill set.

What kept our marriage healthy was constantly talking to one another and the thing I miss the most is getting him to call me a snot every day.

Because we knew what was coming we spent hours and hours talking and planning for me. We got a chance to reflect, forgive one another and accept each other for who we were.

My life now and my future, is because Alan was a man of his word and kept his promises. I’m thankful for so many things but mostly for God putting us together for 35 years.