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The Judy Braided Bangle Collaboration with Sister Sister Jewelry

Sister Sister Jewelry

Lisa Maurer, the designer behind Sister Sister Jewelry, embraces the power of storytelling and sees jewelry as more than an accessory. Each piece in Sister Sister's collection is crafted and named after a woman to share her story. This design philosophy was shaped by Lisa's grief after losing her sister, Ellen, finding solace in sharing memories with others.

Motivated by the desire to honor her sister's memory, Lisa set out to capture the essence of our stories in jewelry. Cherished anecdotes and memories serve as the cornerstone of her designs, paying homage to each person.

Sister Sister Jewelry believes that every person's story is valuable and strives to create jewelry that transcends generations, allowing legacies to endure, initiating meaningful conversations, and inspiring others along the way.

The Judy Braided Bangle

Ashley lost her family’s matriarch, Grandma Judy, during the pandemic. The isolation made it harder for those she loved the most to gather and celebrate Judy’s life. What is remembered the most is how much Judy cherished her time with her darling husband, Jules, her growing family, and many dear friends.

Judy used her gravity to pull and interweave her family together. While her family loved her boldness, it is the little details of her life that they recall the most. Those ever-so-little daily memories of Judy are the very fabric that maintain her family’s loving and everlasting bond.

The braid of the Judy bangle honors the matriarchs of families, who always find ways to keep their loved ones connected and interweaved together.

 Lisa and I connected over Instagram through my sister, Mary, of Five Marys Farm. Lisa’s pieces are beautiful, her passion for making jewelry is heartfelt, and we share a love of celebrating women’s stories.

Our customers have asked for years for a ‘braided’ style bangle and when I saw Lisa’s ‘Judy’ ring in an intricate and rich braided style, I knew it would be beautiful as a bangle. She worked this design into our custom bangle sizes and when I held the first sample I was so excited for how unique and substantial this bangle felt.

I loved the sweet story behind the Judy ring. There’s something special about the strong women who lead our families, encourage us to gather, show us endless love, and have their own sense of style and pizazz.

The Judy Braided Bangle is custom made in solid 14k yellow gold in our Yearly Co. bangle sizes. A beautiful piece to add rich texture to your stack, represent three stories woven together, or for the matriarch who strengthens our families.

We hope you love it!