The Textured Collection

The Textured CollectionThe Textured Collection - adding a subtle touch of symbolism to your pieces that you can physically feel. 

The Twist: A bangle that can represent a time period full of twists and turns, the joining together of two people, or is used to mark a special year or event like a 5th anniversary. Available in a classic and heavy weight.

The Notched: The original or heavy weight bangle customized by a significant number or an even pattern of notches. Choose 20 notches for an anniversary, or 40 for a 40th birthday.  You can also choose notching to specify a significant date - the notched bangle is the perfect way to add a touch of symbolism and texture to your stack.

The Hammered: A bangle originally crafted to symbolize a time period that required resilience and strength. Delicate hand hammering adds dimension, shine and facets to our solid 14k gold bangles. The hammered texture can be added to our heavyweight, double weight, decade, milestone, and jubilee bangles. 

The Beaded Bangle: A customer favorite! A scalloped bangle that can be used to celebrate any major milestone - or to just add a bit of character to your stack!

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