All that glitters is not gold...

Let’s talk gold! This post should answer all of your gold questions and explain why we think 14k gold is the best choice for our jewelry so that you can confidently wear it day after day, year after year.

What is gold made of?

There are often misconceptions about what ‘solid gold’ means and what the ‘karat’ in 14 karats represents.

Gold in its purest form is 24 karats. A karat is simply the measurement of gold parts, so the number before ‘karat’ is the percentage of pure gold versus other metals mixed in for strength and color. For example 14k gold is 14/24 parts pure gold, or 58% pure. The other 42% of 14k gold is a blend of metals like copper, zinc, silver, or nickel (depending on the gold color).

24k gold is a soft and very expensive metal and not ideal for making jewelry. 18k gold is a beautiful rich yellow color, and has some added strength due to the 25% blend of metals added to the 24k gold to produce it. But 18k gold is still quite expensive and can bend or show scratches more easily than 14k. 14 karat gold is an excellent choice for a ‘golden’ yellow color, strength, durability and value. It is an ideal metal to hold stones in place and to stand up to daily wear and tear.

As you decrease gold carat, you are adding in higher percentages of other metals. For example 10k gold is 10/24 parts gold and 58% a blend of other metals. This makes 10k less expensive, a bit more scratch resistant, and also more likely to cause reactions in people who have metal sensitivities to nickel or zinc. 10k gold is also more likely to show tarnish, which 14k gold does not (especially when worn daily). Going down in gold karat to 10k may save you money, but your jewelry becomes considerably less valuable.

What is the difference in the composition of 14k yellow, rose, and white gold?

14k Yellow gold is: 58% pure gold alloyed with copper, silver, zinc

14k White gold is: 58% pure gold alloyed with nickel and zinc

14k Rose gold is: 58% pure gold alloyed with copper

Each color of 14k gold is the same value and percentage of pure gold. They all have their own beautiful color due to the mix of metals added to the gold. If you have a nickel allergy we suggest yellow or rose over white gold.

What does gold plated or gold filled mean?

Plated gold pieces have a thin layer of gold applied to their surface and gold-filled pieces have 2-3 layers of gold added to their exterior. Gold filled is an option for less expensive jewelry with a real gold look but if worn daily, in the shower, etc. it may begin to wear off over longer periods of time. Yearly Co. does not sell any gold plated or filled jewelry.

Why does Yearly Co. solely use 14k gold?

Yearly Co. pieces are always made in 14k gold.

We trust this metal for its beautiful color, strength, and value over time. Our pieces are solid, meaning NEVER plated or filled. Our bangles, earrings and rings are pure 14k gold all the way through, and are not hollow in the center like some gold jewelry. This means they’ll never dent or fall apart, and any breaks can be easily fixed with a solder repair.

The only product we carry that is hollow in the center is our puff pendant, which is made with two solid circles of gold that are rounded out and connected around the seam. They pass the “step test” meaning they are so strong you can step on them without damage, and making them solid through the center would mean a large additional cost to our customer.

Do you plate your white gold pieces?

We do not rhodium plate our white gold pieces. White gold is often rhodium plated to give it a brighter ‘silver’ color, but requires re-plating every 6-12 months to maintain its finish. We prefer to make our pieces in 14k white gold without plating, which has a slightly more grey color but does not require any maintenance. If you prefer plating, you can have that service done by a local jeweler or email us at to see if we can plate your white gold piece for an additional charge.


We love seeing you wear your beautiful 14k gold pieces each and every day, and want you to thoroughly enjoy your investment. We believe that jewelry should be enjoyed and should stand up to all daily activities, and that your accessories should be as strong as your stories. That’s why we chose solid 14k gold as our standard.

As always we are here to answer any questions you may have about our products by email at, by phone at 615-651-0971 or by DM @yearlycompany on Instagram.  

Thanks for reading!